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Oregon Ducks Football: Phil Knight to Purchase New $68 Million Operations Center

Phil Knight, Oregon’s notable alumnus, has made news once again this morning.

His newest purchase, the new football operations center is slated to cost him $68 million. Of course, we’ve come to accept that Phil Knight is prepared to do whatever it takes to help his alma matter become the premier sports program in the world. This morning, we found out that the new building is scheduled to open in the fall of 2013, and will be an intense lure for all recruits considering the University of Oregon as a potential destination to play football.

According to the USA Today, the University of Oregon’s new football operations center will come with the most state-of-the-art facilities in the entire world for all things related to the game day preperations:

“Blueprints submitted to the city of Eugene show 124 climate controlled lockers for the football players, each outfitted with an iPod dock and a charging station. Designed by Nike’s Phil Knight, the facility will also include: two movie theaters, a Duck football museum, a war room akin to the White House’s, a 2,285-square-foot players lounge, and a 25,000-square-foot weight room.” 

The Register Guard also initially reported that the football coaches “will have a private hot tub and steam room, each with a waterproofed video center, next to their locker room, so they can watch games while taking a soak.”

Alas, Athletic Director Craig Pintens debunked this rumor but Rob Moseley of the Register Guard maintains that it was, in fact, in the original blue prints (which is actually brilliant if you think about what Knight must have had in mind when creating this new football Taj Mahal.)

Moseley later reported that there will in fact be a waterproof video enclosure and hot tub near the coaches locker room … a piece of information so strong that it would be impossible to make up.

Knight holds all naming rights to the 130,000 square foot building, and the architect will be from the same company that designed the Jaqua Academic Center for Student Athletes, which cost Knight $41.7 million.

What do you think of these new plans from Phil Knight? Do you think it will attract recruits? Or is it a bit excessive? Is it a positive improvement on our campus? Would you have been happier if Chip Kelly was given a water-proof hot tub near his office, or is the spot by the locker room spot okay?

As always, Go Ducks!

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